The jest called life…

There are over a million stories that reside in the heart of the home, we know as Earth, and merely a few hundred get the chance of being actually told. In this crowd of millions their are many whose identities get squashed, and that is at the end, the biggest failure of mankind. The actual death of mankind is after all not by something else, but man himself, the most tragic truth of life is the loss of humanity from the hearts of people and the hatred that has replaced that long lost love, the hatred that causes unnecessary skirmishes and disputes.

Walking down the crowded street, she couldn’t help but wonder how trivial she is, in this world of millions, she could just disappear and no one would even notice. She’d lived by herself for a long time now, her work had become her family and friend… Yet seeing so many people around, her mind filled with the thought, of how many different stories enwrapped her in that very moment. Be it the little kids running towards each other, with innocent smiles, still unaccustomed to the ways of the world or be it the newly weds walking shyly, greeting everyone who came before them or the old wise man sitting under the shadow of the only tree on that street, listening to all that was happening around him, and no doubt laughing in his head at the innocent kids, he sat as if waiting for someone to wake him up and challenge his wisdom.

She’d always been a dreamer, an observer, but in this moment she realised the insignificance of life…. No one would have noticed her missing had she not been here today, although she’d come here often, she knew no one would realise if she didn’t, she discerned the biggest jest of life was the mortality of life, hard as may one strive to survive, someone always stands watching from the corner to pull you down.

Each life is forgotten almost as soon as it’s over, and that is after all the biggest tragedy of life, every ounce of effort that is put into creating something immemorial gets wasted… That was when she realised that true eternity lied in selflessness. In that very moment, in a crowd surrounded by hundreds she understood that with the first cry is born the last… Birth is nothing but a movement towards death… She understood that pain is as momentary as pleasure, and the only constant is, ironically, change. She decided to take life as it comes, without actually planning for it, because that is the best way to be! To recieve all that you get without hesitating, to greet pain with the same smile as happiness because just as no rose garden can be without thorns, similarly life can not be just a diary of happiness.


The thread called life…

Her eyes gleamed of happiness as she glanced around her, a room full of people she loved the most. No joy could be greater that this, she realised, walking down the aisle in a white gown. Life had been a series of roses and thorns, but this was the budding of a new flower, the start of a new journey. A journey she believed to be bliss….

Finally her eyes met his, and she could see the same thoughts crossing his head, she could see the moisture in his eyes. They had laughed together and struggled together, they had succeeded and fail, but their faith had stood strong, their trust had been undefeatable… He looked at her as if she were an angel, who had just descended from the skies, he had always known that she was ‘the one’… But when he saw her walk towards him through the aisle, his eyes clouded with tears, the tears of happiness. He was ready for this journey more now, than he had ever been.

It was time now, to say their vows, emotions poured from one heart and went to another, the words left the entire crowd teary-eyed. Finally they looked at one another, for the first time as husband and wife, there was no need for words anymore as the moist eyes said it all, the glistening teeth showed the happiness, it felt like a dream… The most beautiful one they could ever live… Something that had felt too good to be real just a few months ago… And yet here they were.. They danced and laughed through the night, such was their day if eternal union…

Flip through the world…

Still a kid I was, when I went around the world for the 1st time… Sitting in a tiny corner of my room I could see clearly the endless daffodils swaying in the fields all around me. I could feel the wonders of the world unwrap in front of my eyes… It felt like magic, all I did was turn pages and I had already seen half the world! It felt as if all the secrets of the universe lay naked in front of me… It was a feeling of surprise and aww for a me as a child to discover things I could have only imagined. If was like being gifted a 2nd pair of eyes, a pair of eyes that could make me see the entire world without moving even an inch from my seat. It was the most mystical feeling in the world… The feeling of eureka!
I turned page after page and reached the last. The book was over but the story lived all around. I had discovered a new world, a fictional world, but the most beautiful one! There was no stop now, to this newly discovered infatuation with stories. They became my most prized possession. I read and read one book after the other, I was surrounded by a world of ideas, a world full of freedom, innocence and enlightenment. It became a hobby first and a passion next.
People all around me went on world tours, I went on tours of pages… Be it Hogwarts or the seven Kingdoms, the Victorian courts or the Elizabethan one’s , I had seen all the wonders which no flight but that of mind could take one to. I had experienced them all, I had undertaken a travel, definitely not a physical one, but an intellectual one nonetheless. It is but one thing to visit and another to see, I had seen it all with the eyes of the mind, nothing lies beyond these intellectual eyes be it deep under waters or far outside the universe I had travelled through it all!
I came across once the beautiful description of paradise, the dwelling of God and his angles it is said to be, no doubt it was the most superior rung of the ladder, a place untouched by human hands and unseen by mortal eyes, yet it lacked something. It was the most mystical place, no doubt, yet it was incomplete. I realised then that paradise would always mean a universe of books to me, because heaven after all is another name for peace and knowledge and through the millions of pages, man could see and learn it all, he could quench his thirst for knowledge by flipping through the Greek empires and the Roman one’s, the war of Troy or that of Ramayana and Mahabharata. Man could learn about the fall of Adam and the birth of Christ and after he had read it all, he’ll find the eternal peace, man will find the heaven he’s searched for through the ages… Paradise is not unattainable I realised.

A battle with fate…

She was a warrior mightier than any the world had ever seen, she had been a toy in fates hand long enough to learn the basic lessons. Though unaccustomed still to the treacherous ways of life, she had started to understand the ways of the world at a tender age. A rebel, she’d grown up to be, there was nothing unconquerable for her, the world was her oyster…

Until the metal of her sword clang on the shield of the one who she believed was on her side… She had honoured him as an equal, and had sworn to fight by his side until her end… Was this another twist of fate? She failed to understand… She knew life was unfair, it had been so especially to her, but what pained the most was the inability to have made the right decisions, she felt exposed and humiliated… She knew she wasn’t ready for this, she told him as much, but any attempts to reason out the conflicts went in vain…

She wasn’t a coward, it was never fear that stopped her, but concern. Not only had she sworn to treat him as her equal, but she had always respected those who walked with her, it was a lesson she learnt quite early in life… Yet today it was her principles at test, she could surrender either to fate and rage war of which she will fear not the defeat but the victory or she could uphold her principles and let her sword fall from her hand for once and for all… She laughed when she understood the dilemma she faced, laughed at fate and defeated it again by throwing her guard down! “Sometimes our defeats make us immortal” were the last words she ever said.

The Web of life…

A mystical lie is this world which wraps around us. Change is the inevitable reality, the norm of life. We cling to consistency and uniformity, we seek a life full of pleasures and happiness, despite being aware of this fickle nature of life. The downfalls from the peak of success leave us astounded and we cling for support on whatever we can. Yet the biggest downfall of man is his own life, life in itself is a beautiful circle from everything into nothingness. Death is the ultimate truth and the inevitable end of all the materialistic pleasures we surround ourselves with, during our brief journey into the realm of life.
The world today is divided on religious lines, each religion claiming it’s own theory for a life after death. Each theory promises joys and bliss to those who align themselves with righteousness, while some offer an ultimate solace and a union with God, others offer a life in the lands of our forefathers. Both offering thus the life of eternal bliss and eternal joy. The punishment on breaking away from this path of righteousness is equally hostile, the various religions offer their defaulters a life of torture and suffering, from being reborn, over and over on this earth until we cleanse ourselves of all our sins, to burning in the eternal sulphuric fires of hell, the life beyond seems like an unbearable struggle. We cling, despite knowing all this, to the comforts that the Earth impregnates us with.
We try to escape death and work towards making life immortal, death appears to be the biggest fear of mankind, even in this era of technology. Yet what I fail to understand is this preoccupation with life, from all we know, the present which we want to live eternally might just be a chance for repentance, and the life beyond, which we fear, might be better than what we can imagine. The joys of earth might be a mere trap to lure us towards a life of eternal damnation and suffering. This life can be a mere lie and a shadow of the pleasures that await us beyond the humanly life. Why then is man so scared to embrace the pleasures of a life, the concept of which he himself has deviced, why cling to life as we do if what awaits us beyond is eternal bliss?
Isn’t greed then the biggest evil, isn’t it greed then which blindfolds us from the possibility of a greater world. It is afterall the earthly pleasures that bind us to the humanly life, these are the very joys we mourn for and cling to. These delightful surprises might be nothing more than a conspiracy to keep us away from the warmth and comforts of eternal bliss which we all deserve.

The world of bliss…

Late past midnight it was as she sat on her bed weaving dreams of their future … Life felt better with him at her side… They’d known each other for a couple of years, yet it felt like eternity to her. He knew about her more than she herself did, strange as it was, it never astounded her… Never before him, had she experienced the warmth in her cheeks, or the butterflies in her stomach. Never before had she experienced this feeling of completeness.

They’d been kids when they’d met and had blossomed into two independent personalities ready to take on the world, yet deep in her heart she knew he’d pushed her beyond her limits, somewhere deep inside her she harbored the fact that he’d made her discover a life, she couldn’t have had herself…. A girl full of shyness she was, until their 2 worlds collapsed, he taught her the music of life… Life had been a routine before him, now it was a jigsaw puzzle.

Their love knew no bounds, she was sure… Her mind always lost every battle to her heart… She’d never known any restraint and denied to learn any now, free as a bird she wanted to live, fly the heights she couldn’t even see and he, well, he became her wings. That was the bond they shared, the bond they preached, they lived in a world where love was the victor, not experienced by many is the world that enveloped her, the world she reffered to as bliss.

Fear not take the flight…

“The person who follows the crowd will go no further than the crowd. The person who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one has ever seen before.”

– Albert Einstein

Every mind works in it’s own unique way, no two people are the same, some might be academically brilliant, while others might have some other talents. The essential part is to stand alone, to dare to be a black sheep in a flock of white one’s , dare to create your own path rather than following the crowd. Be creative, think out of the box! Be different!

All this appeals so much to the mind, but when it comes to being practical all this goes down the drain. Everyone is looking for a shortcut, a way to get over one stage and rush into the next. Everyone wants to settle down and lead a life devoid of stress but sadly that doesn’t come true for all.

Yet, no one ever stops to think of the opportunity they just missed, no one ever gathers the courage to take the road less travelled by, maybe because of the yet unexplored thorns, they fear it is laid with. Ever thought where that path would have taken you? Do we ever give our dreams a chance to lead us? For most of us, no we don’t, all we do is regret, one day when the road is gone, and we can’t go back, we think of the life we might have had, but it’s too late!

The first step is the same for all, then why does the end result differ? We all begin at the same station, then why is the destination different? The answer to this is rather simple, while a few board the train that leads them to their dreams, majority of us take the one, that the crowd is travelling by.

In this fast paced life we run after success, in this world of technology dreams and passions have taken a back seat, in this world of materialist joy we have forgotten the taste of real happiness, we have learnt to prioritize success over passion. In this race for wealth and power we tend to forget the fact that the way to success are many but that to happiness is one. Only one decision of ours can make the world a better place for us!

So play that guitar that has been for long used as a wall hanging, colour that canvas that lies white in the corner of your room, give wings to those dreams that keep you awake all night. Dare to take the road less travelled by because life isn’t about the final destination, but about the colours you paint along the road, the music you spread!